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Taize Prayers
Taizé 2018 International Meeting of Young Adults

Diocesan Updates

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The Rt Revd Dr. Timothy KWOK
Bishop of Diocese of Eastern Kowloon

Holy Trinity Cathedral

prayer hands For Holy Trinity Cathedral. For the Very Revd Mark Hing Lin TANG, for the Cathedral Chaplains the Revd CHAN Kwok Keung and the Revd LEE Kwok Kuen, for the parish assistant Ms Lorraine CHOI, and for all members of their families;
prayer hands For all newly-elected members of the Cathedral Vestry and pray that they will wholeheartedly carry out their job as the stewards of God;
prayer hands For the evangelical and nurturing ministries of the Cathedral, especially for all those who will join the study groups of Emmaus: The Way of Faith, the baptism class and the confirmation class in order to enrich their spiritual growth;
prayer hands For the educational development, for the parish-and-school partnership, for the evangelical ministry of the following schools which are under the pastoral care of the Cathedral : Holy Trinity Church Secondary School, Holy Trinity Primary School, Holy Trinity Centre Kindergarten & Day Nursery, Holy Trinity Church Tsang Shiu Tim Kindergarten, Bishop Hall Jubilee School, Heep Yunn School, Heep Yunn Primary School, and Heep Yunn School Private Kindergarten;
prayer hands For the fund-raising campaign of eight million Hong Kong dollars for the renovation works of the external walls of the Holy Trinity Bradbury Centenary Building, and the replacement of air-conditioning system in the building;
prayer hands For the fellowship building and the pastoral care of the 14 fellowships attached to the Cathedral Family Ministry Committee.

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